Recurring Cleaning.

Guests Dropping In? Bring It On. That’s the Power of Regular Home Cleaning.

Unexpected visitors. A busy work week. Three kids going in eight different directions. With regular, recurring house cleaning from The Sterling Maids, you will always be ready whatever adventure life throws your way—and even if you never leave the house. 

Whether you schedule your visits every week, every two weeks, or monthly, a recurring cleaning service ensures you can make the most of your home. And vacuum lines. And shiny floors. And sparkling appliances. And bathrooms that never smell like…bathrooms.

We offer ready-for-anything house cleaning services at reasonable prices. Ready to see how? Get your free estimate.

From Oven Cleaning to Mattress Vacuuming, We Have the Team, the Tools and the Time.

How can we help you with your next special cleaning projects? Our residential cleaning services vary by franchise, but we are equipped to tackle specific areas in each room of your house. Bedroom feeling a little less than fresh? Ask us about mattress vacuuming. Kitchen doesn’t feel like the heart of the home anymore? Maybe oven cleaning or cabinet scrubbing is something that would help. Whatever the cleaning job, our uniformed teams will get it done.

Here are some other cleaning projects we can tackle:

Microwaves Furniture Refrigerators

Wood Floor Cleaning Tile Cleaning

Laundry Room Cleaning

Breathe Easy in a Clean, Healthy Home.

Our unique  Deep Cleaning System will ensure you’ll receive a healthy, thorough house cleaning with every visit. We’ll tackle mold and mildew. We’ll eliminate dust. We’ll eliminate on pet dander and hair. We use cleaning products that are friendly to the environment—that includes Mother Nature’s home and your own.

Have furry friends in your home? Our patented Back Pack Vacs with heap filtration can capture up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pollen, pet dander and other pollutants. They also extend to hard-to reach places, such as under your beds and on the tops of your ceiling fans. This means allergy and asthma sufferers will have less contaminants to contend with indoors.

Ready to make a healthy home a clean habit? Get your free estimate for regular house cleaning services. And breathe easy.